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It wasn’t until the blade had penetrated my throat that I got a fleeting look at my assailant. As my vision faded, I could make out those hateful eyes, filled to the brim with the pain and suffering endured over the past month. His crimson vest, now even darker from the blood loss, barely covered his horrific injuries, some self-inflicted, understandable after having seen what he had been through recently.
With my life pouring out of the hole in my neck, I uttered a single piece advice to my old friend, out of respect for the old days, so long ago.
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Pie-Rat by Stollrofl Pie-Rat :iconstollrofl:Stollrofl 1 0
Vaccine Introduction
September 18, 2020, First Entry: The Infection
This is the journal of Stephen Narder, dated September 18, 2020. In case you have somehow survived this madness and happen to come across this journal, please hear me out. If you have just crawled out from under a rock, and do not know of the events of the last six months, let me refresh your memory.
Sometime during the beginning of March, in Central Europe, hospital staff around the country began to report an ever increasing number of people were dying in their sleep in hospital beds, even while in a stable condition. No matter how much care they were being given, they would always end up dead by morning, as if the life had just been sucked out of their body. About a week later, people were starting to be found dead in their own homes, in the same conditions as the victims in the hospitals. They seemed perfectly healthy, yet they just wound up dead. The authorities didn't know what the hell was going on.
After about a month, the ca
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Random Number Hotline Part 1
"You have reached the Random Number Hotline. Your random number is…twenty seven. Have a pleasant day."
The familiar feeling hit me, as soon as I had placed my phone back into its receiver on the wall. It was a feeling that I had felt too often in this place, a feeling which was quite difficult to explain in vivid detail.
It was a feeling which I could only describe as pure, unadulterated happiness. There was no other way to put it. That wave of euphoria was the only thing that motivated me to get out of my bed in the morning. Without it, it just wasn't worth the effort.
I strode into my living room, a cup of strong coffee in one hand, and the television remote in the other. My face was the picture of joy as I slumped comfortably into my chair and turned the TV on. I drank from my cup, still sporting a smile, as advertisements plastered the screen at every possible moment.
With this being such a small town, having a population of just over 1000 people in total, the townspeop
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Random Number Hotline by Stollrofl

Hello everyone, long time no see. I should probably let you all know what the hell I've been doing for the past year.

Earlier this month I released my first book, RANDOM NUMBER HOTLINE. It is a collection of ten rather disturbing short stories which I had a blast writing over the past few months. It would mean the world to me if you would take a look and support me and my future work! Not a long book by any means, hence the meager asking price. :D

You can find links to the Amazon/Kindle and the Createspace at my website, If you decide to pick it up, be sure to leave a review! I will read every one, and any feedback is invaluable to me. And if you do like my work, please let others know if you think they might enjoy the stories too. :)
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